Livingroom concerts

There’s something about sitting next to a stranger on a pillow in somebodies living room.
There’s something about seeing somebodies personal sphere, their stuff, their rooms, pieces of their everyday life, being inside of a home.
There’s something about feeling welcomed and also being the one welcoming.
There’s something about the intimacy, directness, kindness and equal respect in peoples faces when inside of a home.
There’s something about singing in front people with a maximum distance of 5 meters. Seeing their eyes, hearing every sound.

There’s something about living room concerts.

It’s a powerful thing. Sharing a moment, being present, side by side with a stranger, drinking tea from somebodies tea cup in somebodies home, listening to music and being still.

Previous concerts

Some of the wonderful people who has opened their homes and sharing beautiful evenings

  • Kristinas bedroom, Oslo (Norway)
  • Sofar sounds, Oslo (Norway)
  • Hannes living room, Sandane (Norway)
  • Los living room, Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Otis’ living room, Cologne (Germany)

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