Exploring: Dark Cloud

Dark Cloud was written after reading an article about the growing air pollution in the world. There are cities so filled with smog and emissions, that if you look down at it from above, all you see is a black cloud.
This got me thinking about everything living inside these clouds, and not long after Dark Cloud was made.

This is the first single from Byrkjedal’s upcoming debut Songs for a restless world, a protest song album with a modern twist and political message. Dark Cloud is a close, meditative and moving song that describes both the minor details and the big frames of the human situation. Siri Byrkjedal addresses the global, environmental challenge and takes it down to a human and relatable level, creating a sharp contrast between the beautiful and the brutal.


your hands your hair your ear your nose 
your body and your clothes
your feet your skin
the dirt under you nails
the air inside your lungs

all your thoughts
your cells, food and drinks, everything you are
your friends, your family, the neighbors dog
all that you are

the street, the house, the garden, your home
all you’ve got in there
your bed, the floor, your flowers the walls
under and over
inside of it all

the good days
the bad days
the mornings the late nights the hungover days
through summer and winter
Sundays and Wednesdays
and wedding days and boring days
and every days

the big
the small
the young and old
the birds and the trees
the rich the poor the sacred the outlaws
on land and sea

I’ll stop now, you get the picture
stop now, I get the picture
stop now

there’s a dark cloud coming - their way
there’s a dark cloud coming - your way
there’s a dark cloud coming - my way
there’s a dark cloud coming - our way