Some Days Out Now

Some Days is the second single from Byrkjedal’s upcoming album Songs for a Restless World, consisting of modern protest songs with a political sting.

“Some Days is a song for the days the world is too big and oneself too small. I want to show the listener that they are not alone in this feeling”, says Byrkjedal about the song.

Some Days has a rich, acoustic expression with layers of harmonies, and an open, inviting space. One can track inspiration from musicians such as Nico, Mac Demarco, Linda Perhacs and Scott Walker.
A big part of the instrumentation is a ridiculously over qualified backing choir consisting of Therese Aune, Karoline Wallace, Lo Ersare and Lina Lambertz.

By putting to words young and socially conscious people’s concern for the world and the future, Siri creates a community where one can share these these feelings:

“I made the album Songs for a restless world for anyone who feels concerned for the future, but at the same time have a desire to make the world a bit better” she says.